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Two new leather coats

July 15, 2017 − bondageangel

4:50 minutes

Last week I was in the store with worn clothes bought two leather coats. Coats are therefore not new, but they are very nice and look like new. True, they are a bit high to me, but not prevent me put it on and posed them for you. This lets them imagine! The first is short and shiny, the other is debt, almost to the ankles and is made of matt leather. I'm going you to to like in these leather coat?



Smoking and pissing in leather jeans

July 11, 2017 − bondageangel

5:06 minutes

Sitting on the well dressed in tight leather leggings and a denim jacket. I have a craving for a cigarette, therefore I smoke. After a while the urge to urinate! No problem for me to get out of the hatch well, take positions in the squat and piss. Urine seeps through my leggings and makes a puddle on the concrete cover. I was relieved again, I sit on the edge of the well, throw away cigarette butt. Want to see my wet and dirty leather ass? I'll show it to you!



Leather skirt, jacket and handcuffs

July 08, 2017 − bondageangel

7:06 minutes

Today, the first day of June, I dressed in leather. And in red leather jacket, black miniskirt and leather gloves. On a side road, among verdant meadows and fields to kiss with her boyfriend. I have handcuffs in front, ankles cuffs on to hugging with him. I like this! But he's a lovely moment interrupted:-(. He wants me handcuff behind your back! I have to comply to him ... Give me mouth ball gagged and blindfolded. Then he dragged me by the arm to an unknown destination. In a moment, I know it. I'm chained to a thin tree, vainly fighting with handcuffs. the last video scene is taken on a dirt road. Hands behind your back, still blindfolded I try to cautious steps. My "jailer" really enjoyed my helplessness. While still filming me and photographing and then leaving in the car .



My bondage window, May 23, 2016: Naked

July 03, 2017 − bondageangel

7:10 minutes

Yesterday was a warm and sunny day so I can lounge with a friend made a little trip. I took with me some ropes, because he had promised rope bondage. This time you can see me in a robe Eve because I was completely naked. Perhaps I do not discourage that view. :) I am bound was for a long time and stay on the ropes I enjoyed. Here is a brief record of the day yesterday. Walking along the dirt road, I had bare feet and aching me. You will also see two passing trains. Perhaps the driver of the train was a nice experience :). Also, I wanted to pee ... I did piss it standing up. In the last part of the video, go back to the car. For a moment I'm sitting in the front seat with her legs spread and you can see my pussy overgrown. Then, already securing a seat belt in the passenger seat. I hope you untie me, I do not want to travel naked and tied up !!!



Angela in satin and satin scarf handjob

July 01, 2017 − bondageangel

16:10 minutes

(Video on demand user) For one beloved fetishist I filmed this video. But I know that scarves and satin has many more lovers and trust that you will enjoy this video. This time, the slave of his satin Mistress pleased because he loves scarves and satin! Does scarf blindfolded and gagged. I'm dressed in satin night ensemble, underpants and shirt. I put on also long satin gloves. I take off my satin panties and press them to my pussy. They must get the aroma and juice from my cunt. Because I want to use it as a gag! My satin are big enough and not fit a whole into the mouth of a slave. Never mind, it is completely silenced. Furthermore bind slave scarves, hands and feet to a hogtied position. Now is the slave completely helpless and mute. The time has come for my hands. Handjob starts classic with satin gloves. As soon as the slave penis hard, I choose a scarf and continues chasing through scarf. Touches of satin slave very excited and soon she has an orgasm. As instructed sprayed into the scarf, but part of cum goes outside. Polluted scarf will show you on camera.



My bondage window, May 30, 2016: Wetlook, leather, ropes

June 28, 2017 − bondageangel

3:12 minutes

Monday afternoon I enjoyed once again in the ropes. I wear the sexy, the way I like it. Wetlook leggings, leather skirt, blouse and leather opera gloves. I was the first in the bathroom tied hands to the radiator. My hands are tied in front of him, a ball gag and a leather blindfold. Carefully balancing on high heels, my legs is tied at the ankles. The second position is on the leather couch. This time, my knees and my hands tied tightly behind her back. Look at my nipples how beautifully looming under a leather blouse;)



Sex in black leather

June 24, 2017 − bondageangel

11:23 minutes

Again, I got a taste for sex in a double-breasted leather coat. I got dressed lack shiny dress and long leather gloves. On legs high stockings and leather boots. My friend is also dressed in leather. Boots over the knees, jacket and leather leggings. I look forward to sex in leather! And so it was stylish, sex will take place on the leather couch. A friend helped me dress leather coat, he's a gentleman. Foreplay begins, hands in soft leather gloves are able to excite dick in moments. Handjob, blowjob, kissing and eventually doggystyle fucking. Before long cumshot on my leather coat.



Posing, spitting and peeing on a car

June 21, 2017 − bondageangel

4:37 minutes

(Video on demand user) My instructions were clear ...Completely naked, just on high heels to climb on the hood of the car and then fondle my breasts, spit, pass the breasts on the windshield and the end of pissing. Certain scenes are filmed from inside the car and you can see even a passing train. lol :)The video ends with pissing parts and without the help of my attempt climb down of the car. Of course, I slipped because of the wet hood. But you not see, because my cameraman went gentlemanly to help :)



Handcuffed in retro brown leather outfit

June 18, 2017 − bondageangel

4:42 minutes

The last video from Friday 13 in the old brown leather clothing. My hands handcuffed behind his back. Handcuffs I have tight, but leather gloves dampens their grip. Meadow walk back to the car, sometimes I stop and try to fight with handcuffs. But in vain, handcuffs are uncompromising. I unnecessarily angry, handcuffs anyway not to allow ...



Retro wife smoking and peeing

June 16, 2017 − bondageangel

6:26 minutes

Yesterday, Friday, the 13th, I filmed three videos of old leather clothes. This is the second one. Smoking cigarettes middle of the meadow. I have the urge to urinate, but does not cut smoking. Pissing I make squatting on the well. Urine flow problem has leaked tight shorts of thick leather. Eventually, however, seeps and springs a few runs on the well cover and inside. You hear a sound effect as raindrops fall deep into the well. Perhaps that water managers forgive me :)That rude gesture at the end of the video is not addressed to you!